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About Marta Checchetti

My journey as an artist, photographer and videomaker reflects a deep-seated passion for Art, storytelling and emotions through visual mediums.

Italian Artist.

BA degree in Paint, Venice

MA degree in NTA, Video&Filmmaking, Milan

Photography specialization, digital & Analog

All About Me

My painting is a fusion of reflection and feelings, trying to capture inner's life through painting, using Oil Colors &/or mixted techniques on canvas. Trying to portrait inner self or inner dimension and what happens in there, its kind of physical but not completely presence in us and how it moves in us, it is something I've tried to do in the last few years of work.

Photography and videomaking are means through which I can unravel the intricate tapestry of beauty that weaves through our world. It's a sensation that goes beyond mere appreciation; it's a profound, almost transcendental love affair with capturing moments in time. With the camera, I enter a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. It's as if I hold a key to unlock hidden dimensions of the everyday, revealing the poetry in the mundane and the elegance in the chaos. It's an exploration of light and shadow, emotion and atmosphere, and the sublime interplay of elements that define our existence.

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